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Firefox 7 with Enhanced Speeds & Improved Memory Management Launched

Open source software outfit Mozilla has dished out the version 7 of the highly popular Firefox web browser, which now comes with enhanced speeds and improved memory management capabilities.

The Firefox 7 web browser, which was released just six weeks after Firefox 6, uses a new technology called the MemShrink project which is capable of reducing the memory usage of the web browser by 20 percent to 50 percent.

According to Mozilla, the technology will result in faster web browsing speeds and greater performance.

“Users will notice Firefox is faster at opening new tabs, clicking on menu items and buttons on websites. Heavy Internet users will enjoy enhanced performance when lots of tabs are open and during long Web browsing sessions that last hours or even days,” Mozilla said.

The company has also introduced new tools for developers, allowing them to create an enhanced web experience for users. The web browser also features an enhanced version of Canvas hardware acceleration tool, which results in enhanced HTML 5 animations and games in the web browser.

The web browser also includes the W3C navigation timing spec, which allows developers to measure their websites’ page load times against bandwidth speed, website traffic and other criteria.