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Foxconn Building Catches Fire, No Casualties Reported

Foxconn, a key supplier of electronic equipments for a lot of major brands all across the world including the likes of Apple Inc., announced that a fire broke out yesterday at one of its factories in China.

The company, however, reassured that the fire was promptly put out, and hence no injuries have been reported till now.

It further stated that the fire occurred at around 10 am local time at one of the Foxconn’s building located in the city of Yantai of China’s Shandong province. Initial investigations have so far led to the possibility of flaw in one the exhaust pipe on the roof of the building that ignited the fire.

Images of the fire have been already made their way into the local media reports, as well as in social media sites.

Foxconn, however, refrained from clarifying what the building was being used for. It has only been a few months since an explosion occurred in yet another factory of the company which eventually resulted in the deaths of three workers, and injured 15 others.

Foxconn defended itself after the explosion by saying that it was caused by "combustible dust in a duct".