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Gibson guitar goes high tech

Gibson Guitar Corporation launches the Gibson Firebird X tomorrow, a wireless self-tuning axe that virtually plays itself.

The guitar maker is bringing the instrument firmly into the 21st century with its own 'authorised App store' from which axemen can download to Gibson's confusingly entitled Pure-Analog Engine. Buyers can also join their own exclusive social-networking fraternity, in which they can "create and maintain personal profile pages; post and share Firebird X preset files, audio and video content; and communicate/interact with fellow Firebird X owners, artists and Gibson staff."

An evolution of the 1960s classic Gibson Firebird, the Firebird X tunes itself with 'Robot' tuners, uses onboard plug-ins for special effects and boasts Bluetooth so you can ponce about all over the stage unhindered by wires and jacks.

Gibson said it is limiting availablity to just 1,800 guitars, at a price tag of just (cough!) £3,299.

“The Firebird X is nothing short of groundbreaking,” crowed Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson's chairman and CEO in a statement. “The Gibson Firebird X is truly the most technologically-advanced guitar ever conceived, with multiple built-in effects that take sonic capabilities to an entirely new level - while retaining the classic appeal of a finely-crafted, supremely playable instrument.”

More specs and information on the new-fangled axe are to be found here.