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Google Compels US Courts to Keep Future Android Plans from General Public

Google has asked the courts to keep all data related to Android confidential in the AT&T and T-Mobile merger anti-trust trial.

The company filed a motion in a federal court in Washington asking the court to keep Google’s business plans for Android under wraps during the high profile trail.

AT&T had proposed to acquire T-Mobile for a whooping $39 billion. The US Department of Justice, after a review deemed that the merger will harm market competition, filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the merger.

Google provided the US Department of Justice data about its business plans for Android and is now asking them to keep the data away from the eyes of the public.

Google, which now plans to acquire Motorola Mobility, has become a mobile phone maker and is concerned about the affects of the lawsuit on its Android business line. Similarly, Samsung, which also makes Android smartphones, will also be keenly watching the outcome of the case.

Experts believe Google is the first of many companies that will ask the courts to censor information related to their own business lines.