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Google's Nexus Prime Smartphone Earns Bluetooth Certification

The highly anticipated Google branded Samsung Nexus Prime has received its Bluetooth certificate.

The device will be manufactured by Samsung but will be branded by Google. The Nexus Prime is said to be the first smartphone powered by the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which promises to merge the smartphone and tablet version of Android.

The Bluetooth Certification that Nexus Prime has received means the superphone is nearing its launch, which might happen before the lucrative Christmas holiday shopping season. Tis certification is one of the last hurdles a smartphone has to cross before its release.

The device will also need to be tested and certified by the Federal Communications Commission, following which the company will announce its availability.

In the past, Google has released two company branded Android smartphone devices - the Nexus, which was made by HTC and the Nexus S made by Samsung.

Like the two Google branded devices, the Google Nexus Prime will come with a bare bones version of Android and won't feature additional enhancements like other HTC and Samsung Android smartphones.