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Google Nexus S to Receive Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 Update

Internet search giant Google is rolling out the Android 2.3.6 update, also known as Gingerbread for its Nexus S smartphone, the company, which turned 13 yesterday, announced.

Google further stated that Nexus handsets all around the globe will be receiving the updated Android version over the air automatically. Apparently, the handset features in it a stock version of Android, which is upgraded directly from Google, leaving no room for any improvisation to be made by the device manufacturers whatsoever.

Nexus One, the older sibling of the Nexus S also received the version 2.3.6 update just a few days back.

There is not much difference between the current 2.3.6 version, and its predecessor version 2.3.4. The only major improvement that the current version enjoys over the previous one is a patch for a voice search bug.

After the Android 2.3.6, the next major update from the company is likely to be Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’, scheduled to hit users’ devices anytime during October or November. The Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to unify both the tablet and smartphone versions of Android, to some extent.