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Google Withdraws Lawsuit Against US Deparment of the Interior; Seeks Permission to Refile at Will, However

Google has filed a motion to withdraw the lawsuit it filed against the Federal government last year.

The company filed the lawsuit in 2010 against the Department of the Interior, accusing it of drafting documents for the contractual agreement for cloud email and collaboration services in such a manner that rival Microsoft Corp. could easily be awarded with the government contract.

Google won a preliminary injunction earlier this year, in January. The judge overseeing the case subsequently directed the Department of the Interior to postpone awarding the disputed contract.

The search giant has now softened its stand and wants to withdraw the case - but only under the condition that it should be allowed to file the case in the future, if necessary.

“Based on the defendant's agreement to update its market research and then conduct a procurement in a manner that will not preclude plaintiffs from fairly competing, plaintiffs respectfully move for dismissal of this action without prejudice," Google attorneys wrote in a document, according to a report by the Information Week.