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Huawei and Discovery Communications Partner to Develop New Smartphone; The Huawei Expedition

Huawei has partnered with Discovery Communications to create a mobile phone designed for travellers and outdoor types.

A co-branded device called Huawei Expedition includes several bells and whistles aimed at travellers who spend their time on rugged terrain.

Water-resistanct, dustproof, and shock-resistant the device is ideal for travellers and those on-the-go. The phone will also includes several travel oriented features such as a flashlight, compass, GPS, accelerometer and Facebook and Twitter integration.

The companies remained mum about pricing but claim the phone will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. The device will be a part of the Discovery Expedition line, which is the retail and lifestyle arm of the popular Discovery Channel.

The two companies also claim their partnership will not stop with just this one phone so people can expect more co-branded devices in the near future.

Huawei, which sells telecom network equipment, wants to increase its presence in the consumer electronics market selling tablets and smartphones.

Discovery Communications has produced popular TV channels like Discovery, TLC and Animal Planet.