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Intel to Conduct Research on Pervasive Computing Technology at University of Washington

Intel has announced the latest addition to its existing group of science and technology centers. The new set up, located at the University of Washington, will focus on pervasive computing.

The new initiative will concentrate on making applications for computer systems, which will help the computers intelligently understand their environments. In addition, when and if deployed, the new technology will likely come with a better grasp of the behaviour and reactions of its users.

According to various experts on the subject, if Intel can truly implement this technology, machines could have a better understanding of us than we ourselves have.

"The next generation of pervasive computing systems will continuously learn environments, objects, schedules and preferences of their users," said Intel's director of academic programs and research, Limor Fix in a statement.

“Consumers will have a far richer experience than the technologies of today can offer and will be able to spend far more time achieving their goals than figuring out how to make the technology work," he added.