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Intel to Equip Thunderbolt Ports with Fibre Optic Cable Instead of Copper

Intel has announced that it is going to equip the USB killer, high-speed Thunderbolt ports on Macs, compatible with fibre optics cables.

With this, Intel is going back to its original concept that merges the PCI Express and DisplayPort protocols into a single protocol, which utilises the Mini DisplayPort and Connector.

Thunderbolt technology was first unveiled on the new MacBook Pro series earlier in the year. The technology was, until now, compatible with only copper cables.

On being connected with copper cable, the speed of Thunderbolt reaches as high as 10 Gbps. However, that enormous speed is usually confined to only 3 meters over the cable. But according to the company, the introduction of fibre cables could take that speed longer distances quite easily.

Thunderbolt technology is basically rival the new USB 3.0. While USB 3.0 can deliver speeds almost 10 times that of its predecessor, USB 2.0, the speed of Thunderbolt technology is almost twice that of the USB 3.0.

As of today, the maximum speed delivered by the USB 3.0 technology has been registered at 5.0 Gbps.