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iPhone 5 Release: Which Tech Websites Will Benefit The Most

The 12 months preceding the launch of the iPhone 5 - which is set to happen next Tuesday - have generated a huge number of news headlines, with hundreds of websites across the world scrambling to create content for an audience that's eager to hear the latest rumours on Apple's forthcoming smartphone.

Google Insights for Search shows that in one year, the number of iPhone 5 related articles (based on news headlines) has increased by around 35 times worldwide, and there are some websites that have been cashing in on the traffic.

We probed Internet Analytics firm Alexa to find out which tech related websites received most of their traffic from iPhone 5 related search queries and the results were startling.

The top five English-speaking tech related websites to get significant traffic from iPhone 5 terms are eWeek (6.33 pc), T3 (4.53 pc), Techradar (3.67 pc), popherald (2.93 pc) and Electricpig (2.44 pc).

It's worth noting that two other non Tech websites have significantly benefited from iPhone 5 traffic; the music website, Beatweek magazine, currently gets around two thirds of its traffic on iPhone 5 and IBTimes gets 2.6 per cent.

Other well known publications in our top 20 include our very own, 9to5mac, Cnet, Engadget, Business Insider and ZDnet, all of which derive between 0.3 pc and 0.9 pc of their search traffic from iPhone 5 related terms.