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Major iPhone 5 Feature To Be Voice Control 'Assistant'

The much-anticipated iPhone 5 will not only feature redesigned hardware, but one of the major new upgrades will be a highly-integrated voice control system, according to the Apple blog 9to5Mac (opens in new tab).

The robust voice control feature, called Assistant, will be an integrated system that will allow the user to input voice commands for a wide set of actions such as: making appointments, reminders, finding directions and creating text messages from voice.

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The new assistant in your iPhone won't allow you to get lost, you just need to tell it to find directions via the Maps app.

Another voice control feature - Dictation, allows you to transform advanced speech into text; whilst Find my Friends, locates your closest contacts just by asking the Assistant "where is Angela?", for example. The latter of these features is, of course, dependent on certain privacy settings being enabled in relation to location tracking.

The pronunciation apparently doesn't need to be clear, slow or roundly articulated. Users can use their natural tone and a very accurate speech interpretation tool will do the rest. Also, the iPhone Assistant will talk back to clarify exactly what you want it to do.

For this software to be efficient, iPhone 5 will have more than 1GB RAM and the A5 dual-core processor, also integrated in the iPad 2. Let's just hope that we really will see (and hear) the iPhone 5 next week.

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