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Microsoft to Manufacture XBox 360 Consoles in Brasil

Microsoft has announced that it will start producing its Xbox 360 gaming console in Brazil.

The company, which is partnering with Flextronics International for the manufacturing project, states the first consoles produced by the unit in Brazil will appear sometime in October.

After China, Brazil will become the second country in which the Windows maker produces its highly popular gaming console. The company partners with Flextronics International in China as well.

According to the company, when it starts producing and shipping the consoles locally in Brazil, there will be a 40 percent price drop for the Xbox 360 consoles in the country.

As of now, the Xbox 360 4GB model is available for R$1.299 in Brazil, but after the price cut the price will be around R$799. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 250 GB model, available for R$1.599, will drop to R$1.099.

"We are extremely honored to announce the expansion of our manufacturing partnership with Microsoft", said VP, GM Flextronics Brasil, Flávio Magalhães.

The Xbox 360 production unit in Brazil will be located in the capital city of Manaus and will be capable of producing 17,000 Xbox 360 consoles per week.