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Microsoft Takes Down Yet Another Botnet: ‘Kelihos’

Redmond based software powerhouse Microsoft Corp. has hunted down a third botnet within a span of less than 1 year, by carrying out a co-ordinated attack on both legal, as well as technical fronts, the company announced.

The company’s Digital Crime Unit (DCU) took down a pair of botnets named Rustock and Waledac earlier this year. It not only neutralized the threats exerted by these botnets, but also carried out a legal assault on the bot herders.

Microsoft successfully conveyed its message to the court that the botnets were, indeed, misuses of the company’s services, and also that the associated spam messages were violating its copyright.

Now, the company claims that it has successfully neutralised a new botnet, dubbed Kelihos. The company has termed it as the Waledec 2.0 as the tactics deployed by Kelihos were very similar to those used in the original Waledec.

"Microsoft’s analysis of the Kelihos botnet showed large portions of Kelihos code were shared with Waledac, which suggested that Kelihos was either from the same parties or that the code was obtained, updated and reused," Richard Domingues Boscovich, senior attorney with the DCU, stated in a post on Microsoft's security blog.