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Noon News: European Union Broadband Mapping, Windows Phone Mango Released, Another iPhone 5 Lost?

The European Commission is looking for 10,000 volunteers in order to map the state of broadband across the continent. According to BBC News, the EC has hired measurement firm SamKnows to carry out the study, results of which will be released once it is completed.

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. officially unveiled the massively anticipated Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update on Tuesday aimed at introducing a wide range of new features to its Windows Phone mobile platform.

US wireless carrier Sprint is expected to roll out its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in early 2012. Citing people familiar with the situation, CNET reveals that the company is already installing LTE network equipment in the country and is also conducting field tests in some areas.

Do you remember recent reports of an iPhone 5 being lost in the US? Rumour has it that Apple may now have lost an iPhone 5 prototype in the Chinese district of Shenzhen, according to a news report emanating from a tech website based in China. M.I.C. Gadget reveals that the device has only gone missing "recently", but it seems to have fallen into the right hands, given that Asian manufacturers have gone into overdrive and delivered an astonishing number of iPhone 5 cases with a teardrop design in a short period.

Telecom giant Three has raised the alarm by saying that the company may soon run out of capacity in urban areas if there are any further halt in the spectrum auctions. It further stated that the networks within the country are already facing from capacity outage with a consistently rising consumption of data by consumers.

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