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Second Amazon Tablet To Be Launched In Q1 2012

Amazon is apparently going to launch a second version of its tablet only a few months after launching its first one today, that's according to an article published by Gdgt.

The first tablet - likely to be called the Kindle Fire - has already been qualified as a stopgap Kindle tablet, one which was supposed to be launched much earlier this year.

Both tablets are set to be radically different; according to a number of publications, the first one will be based on the RIM Blackberry Playbook blueprint and is one whose design and manufacture has been handled mostly by Taiwanese ODM Quanta.

The second version will see Amazon having a much bigger role to play and is one which, Gdgt says, Amazon really believes in, that is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2012, maybe within weeks of the iPad 3.

And that is a fundamental issue; Apple has already set the wheels in motion and the army of suppliers for the iPad 3 has already started to work towards a 2012 launch for the device. If Amazon postpones the launch of the second version of its tablet, it could face the iPad 3 rather than the iPad 2 - which would surely provide a much tougher challenge.

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