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£134.99 Celcus LCD22900HDDVD 22" HD Ready LCD TV with DVD Player

Celcus brings you versatile HD Ready LCD TV that would serve you well as a second TV sitting in your bed room where the space is relatively less compared to your living room. With a built-in DVD player, this LCD is sure to fit readily into your entertainment inventory.

The 22-inch screen size of the TV is not the biggest one out there, but it will do the job of giving you an amazing output at 1366x768 pixels. With a contrast ration of 1000:1 and a low response time, the picture quality would definitely give our TVs in the same segment a run for their money. The aspect ratio of the output is 16:9.

The Celcus LCD TV has built-in digital tuner enabling it to receive all-free-to-air digital programmes via Freeview. The menu system makes the setup process quite easy and intuitive. The built-in DVD player is definitely a feather in the crown for this 22-inch LCD TV as the already compact design of the TV wouldn’t take even a single extra inch of space and you will be able to enjoy movies from your DVDs.

Beyond all the above features, the HDMI socket, a USB socket as well as a SCART socket provide you with a range of connectivity options enabling you to connect games consoles, HD cameras, Blu-ray player, etc. The LCD comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee as well.

Sainsbury’s is offering the Celcus LCD22900HDDVD 22" HD Ready LCD TV with DVD Player for just £134.99.