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Amazon Silk Web Browser on Kindle Fire is Based on ‘Split Browser’ Technology

Online retail giant Amazon has dished out its own tablet PC device called the Kindle Fire that among many things, comes with a new software technology in the form of the Silk web browser.

According to InfoWorld, the Silk web browser that comes with the tablet device runs on both Amazon’s cloud computing service and the tablet.

Most of the work done by the web browser takes place on the Amazon cloud, while the tablet is used to merely present the web page to the users. This means that the browser is faster than most of the other browsers that come with mobile devices.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, while explaining the tablet’s prowess, informed that the browser was made using ‘split browser’ technology. “It partially lives in EC2, and it partially lives on Kindle Fire,” he said.

The page rendering and the processing of contents of a web page happens in EC2 cloud before users are presented with the final web page, resulting in faster load times.

The web browser, which is built using the open source WebKit browser engine, comes with support for HTML5, JavaScript, CS and other next generation web standards including Adobe’s Flash, which is not supported by Apple’s iPad.