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Astute graphics bring world-renowned experts and special offers to LIT Show 2011

Since Astute Graphics started selling their award-winning plugins in 2006, they haven't offered any special offers - so this is the first time they're breaking with that tradition to offer some great bargains especially to LITS customers.

Astute Graphics will be at the London International Technology Show - and will be offering all sorts of special deals to LITS attendees!

In the first LITS offer, you can save over £100 by buying VectorScribe Studio and Phantasm CS Studio together for £158 + VAT (£189.60) - and receiving a free upgrade to Phantasm CS Publisher (worth £108) into the bargain. In another offer, you can save up to £48 by buying VectorScribe Designer and Phantasm CS Designer together for £88 + VAT (£105.60) and getting a free upgrade to either VectorScribe Studio or Phantasm CS Studio (worth up to £48).

There'll be lots more going on at the Astute Graphics stand, too: they'll be giving us an exclusive new look at a new product on Friday, and you'll also be able to meet the publishers of VectorScribe and Phantasm CS to get tips on getting the most out of the software. International vector experts Monika Gause and Jean-Claude Trembley will also be on hand, and you can book a slot to get vector advice directly from the experts.

Astute Graphics are co-sponsors of the Von Glitschka "Vector Basic Training" event.

Find out more from Astute Graphics' website here or buy tickets for the London International Technology Show here.