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Google to Acquire Katango for Use on New Google Plus

Google is planning to acquire Katango - a Kleiner-backed start up that uses algorithms to sort contacts into multiple groups automatically without requiring users to do much else.

According to experts, the move is going to enhance the search giant’s brand new social networking venture, Google Plus.

One of the primary features of Google Plus revolves around the grouping of one’s friends list into multiple categories such as family members, acquaintances, friends etc. Sources claim that Google was interested in Katango since it launched in July, Tech Crunch reports.

Using the technology from Katango, Google Plus could do much more than simply suggest new contacts to add to friend lists which would entice more people to use the service.

Also, the deal is likely to place Katango in a much better position than it is in now. During its earlier days, the service was integrated with social media giant Facebook. However, the website recently unveiled its brand new offering Smart List - which basically does the same thing by categorising the friend list in several groups such as friends, family etc.