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Huge Demand For iPhone 5, New Survey Reveals

A report published by analysts at RBC Dominion Securities, shows that customers are more eager to get hold of the iPhone 5 than they were 15 months ago to acquire its predecessor the iPhone 4.

The new survey data indicates a significant increase in interest. While for the iPhone 4 the pre-launch demand was 25 percent, now 31 percent of the consumers asked declared themselves to be 'very / somewhat likely' to buy the iPhone 5.

The upgrading cycle has also improved, with 66 percent of iPhone users being 'very / somewhat likely' to buy the next-generation iPhone, according to analysts Mike Abramsky, Mark Sue and Paul Treiber.

As a result, the earnings estimates for Apple in 2012 and 2013 have been raised, based not only on high demand for the iPhone 5, but also on the strong position in the tablet market following the iPad's continued success.

The market is expecting the new iPhone model to be unveiled next week on 4th October, at an event at the company's Cupertino, California HQ. Although Apple didn't offer specific details, analysts and the technology media are already sure that features such as: an A5 processor (similar to the iPad2), 8 MB camera, advanced voice recognition software, redesigned case and bigger screen, are some of the upgrades we can expect for the next iPhone.

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