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iPhone 5 Should Impress Gamers With Improved Graphics Performance

Under a week before the uncovering of Apple's new iPhone, a new video of a prototype has been posted on the Internet.

The video featuring a prototype iPhone 5 (opens in new tab) was sent to the site CultOfMac on Tuesday, clearly showing a prototype device sent for testing, as we can see a Developer section in the system settings.

The user has the option of choosing between two different GPUs: SGX535 and SGX545. Both chip-sets are produced by Imagination Technology, a company in which Apple is part owner. Though the SGX535 might be nothing new for iPhone 4 users, the SGX545 on the other hand is enticing.

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The new GPU is a high definition chip-set, optimised for 3D graphics, capable of delivering 40 million polygons per second at 200 MHz. If this turns out to be true, the new feature will improve significantly the gaming experience for users. The iPhone 5 could set a new benchmark in the graphics department, surpassing the competition once more, and gaining new devotees as well as preserving old ones.

If the video is genuine and really features the iPhone 5 in its final stage, another rumour could also be put to rest: as far as the design is concerned, the new iPhone will be similar, if not identical, to the iPhone 4.

This buzz, like many other surrounding the most expected smartphone of the year, will stop in just a few days, on October 4th, when Tim Cook should reveal the iPhone 5 at a media event hosted by Apple at its Cupertino, California base.

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