New Amazon Kindle Touch eBook Reader To Cost Same As Old Kindle

Amazon has added the Kindle Touch to its line-up of bestselling ebook readers which will be priced at $99 when sponsored and $139 without; a 3G version will be available from $149 ($189 without special offers)

The new Kindle will go on sale on the 21st of November (it can be preordered here) and nearly one week after the Kindle Fire; the other lighter Kindle has already gone on sale.

As its name implies this version of the Kindle comes with a 6-inch, 16-level grayscale touchscreen display with a 800x600 pixel resolution.

It also comes with 4GB internal storage, which is twice that of the entry level Kindle and it also has twice the battery life. Compared to the keyboard-enabled Kindle, the touchscreen version is slightly shorter but a tad bulkier.

There's a USB 2.0 port, built-in Wi-Fi and a new sleek design which makes it eight per cent lighter and eleven per cent smaller.

The special offers version comes with an unobtrusive banner advert displayed at the bottom of the page which does however, decrease the actual viewable surface area.

Amazon has not said when the reader will go on sale in the UK and if so at what price. The chances are though, that Amazon will stick to the £149 and £189 price points.