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New ISP Advertising Guidelines Released in the UK Regarding Broadband Speeds

The Committee of Advertising Standards has released new guidelines for Internet service providers when advertising broadband speeds.

According to the committee, which regulates the advertisements in the UK, ISPs should only advertise speeds which are available to at least 10 percent of their customer base.

A recent report released by Ofcom claims the average download speeds received by customers are less than half of the ‘up to’ speeds advertised by broadband services providers.

"This new guidance directly responds to consumer concerns by setting an appropriately high bar for advertisers who want to make speed and unlimited claims in ads," said CAP chairman James Best.

"Advertising is only effective if consumers trust the messages they see and hear," he added.

Consumer watchdog magazine Which claims that the 10 percent bar created by the government is unfair because if even if one in ten customers of an ISP receive high speeds as advertised, then the ISP will fit the criteria.

“Broadband providers have just been given the green light to mislead consumers. The rules say that providers don't have to state what range of speeds most of their customers experience,” Which said.