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Piston Computing Offers Cloud Computing in a Convenient USB Device

A San Francisco based cloud computing start-up has managed to fit the cloud in a USB stick to entice enterprise users.

Piston Computing, founded by the team the created OpenStack cloud computing platform, placed the platform in a USB device that also contains it’s Linux based PentOS platform.

The company claims that by using the device businesses can set-up cloud computing infrastructures at lightning fast speeds.

“This is the boot disk of your private cloud. You take away all the configuration at the hardware side. Let the software figure out which servers to run. We’re committed to keeping this open,” said Piston CEO Joshua McKenty.

The product, inspired by Linux-based portable firewall FloppyFW, will be unveiled during the OpenStack conference in Boston next week.

PentOS commercialises the open source OpenStack platform, similar to Citrix Systems' Nebula and Dell.

“I started Piston Cloud Computing because I believe that our generation has the opportunity, the technology and the obligation to tackle this planets' greatest challenges - famine, disease, drought and crushing overpopulation, the depletion of our most abundant resources including clean water, fossil fuels and social good-will,” McKenty wrote in a blog post.