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RIM Changes Stance on PlayBook's Android Support

Update: At Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit's "Droidcon" event in Romania, RIM stated

"The BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps and associated tools are designed to help developers quickly and easily bring their Android Java applications to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The current Android Player is a pre-release version and RIM is planning to add support for more APIs in future releases. It is important to note that the majority of Android apps will be able to run fully on the BlackBerry PlayBook and without any modification to the app's source code. RIM invites developers to come to BlackBerry DevCon next month in San Francisco where they can interact with BlackBerry experts on a wide spectrum of topics, including the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps. For sessions on the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps they can check out the Online Session Catalog".

It hasn’t been long since the BlackBerry maker Research In Motion announced that its QNX based tablet device, the PlayBook, will be supporting Android implementation on it. However, it has been revealed now that a sizable portion of Android apps will be cut off from running on the tablet device.

The news, as reported by The Guardian (opens in new tab), thus leads us to a situation where Android developers might not be interested anymore in coming up with new apps for the QNX powered gadget.

The move taken by RIM to introduce Android support to the PlayBook was perhaps designed to facilitate its users with a wide range of options when it comes to games and applications. It is worth nothing here that the PlayBook device was unable to grab the attraction from the developers, and that’s why it remained somewhat fragile when it came to the availability of apps and games.

The Android apps which won’t be working in the QNX based tablet device includes, Android Live Wallpapers; apps that contain more than one activity tied to the launcher, the Android text-to-speech engine, Android cloud-to-device messaging service amongst a few others reports thinq_ (opens in new tab).

Meanwhile, in a related development, retailers have chosen to introduce a price cut in the device’s price following a not so positive response in the market.

Ravi Mandalia

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