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RIM May Have Killed BlackBerry PlayBook Already

Beleaguered smartphone maker RIM may have already stopped production of the BlackBerry PlayBook and cancelled future tablet projects, according to an analyst from Collins Stewart.

John Vihn wrote a note (via Reuters) saying, "we believe RIM has stopped production of its PlayBook and is actively considering exiting the tablet market".

He believes that the sudden laying off of dozens of factory workers by Taiwanese ODM Quanta Computer may be linked to RIM's decision to exit the tablet market altogether.

RIM is said to have shipped less than one million of its PlayBook tablets, a number that hasn't necessarily been sold to consumers; the price of the PlayBook has been going down steadily, which may indicate a slow but definite clear out. It is very likely that RIM doesn't want its shares to fall off cliff though.

If the rumour is indeed verified, it will be the second major manufacturer after HP to exit the ultra competitive tablet market which is dominated by Apple and its iPad.

The introduction of the Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire, yesterday might be yet another reason why RIM decided to call it quits and pull out before suffering even more losses.