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Can You Believe This iPhone 5 Prototype Isn't Made By Apple?

With all the pre-launch visions of the iPhone 5 about to be replaced by the real thing, technology enthusiasts at the German site have recently unveiled their own physical iPhone 5 prototype.

The teaser iPhone 5 is based on "CAD designs, hardware components, several leaked hints, cases and recent, believable mockups", the team declared. All the online hearsay and hype that they considered untrustworthy was left aside.

The prototype made by (opens in new tab) shows a design different from the iPhone 4, wider (59.94 mm) and shorter (109.98 mm) and with a 4-inch display, compared to the previous model which has a 3.5-inch display. The Germans have even recreated the long rumoured "tear drop shape", as their mockup has a top thickness of 6.86 mm dropping down to 5.33 mm at the bottom. The case has a solid aluminum back, treated with glass and it resembles that of an iPad.

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The iPhone teaser lacks camera and LED flash, since its creators aren't even sure if the camera incorporated in the new iPhone will have an 8 MB sensor, let alone other essential features. The model has, however, a redesigned home button, which is more like an elongated space with touchpad functions, as inspired by a number of rumours.

The prototype doesn't work as it was just meant as a design model for curious users, and it has proven to be a real challenge for the team.

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