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Google's New Real-Time Analytics Aims At Chartbeat

Google has announced the impending release of a new major feature in its Analytics portfolio, a real time service that will produce reports that show in detail what's happening on any site as it happens.

The service is clearly aimed at Chartbeat and other real time analytics services that have taken the world of analytics by storm, which are paid for services.

The main advantage of real-time analytics is that it allows you to take decisions faster and be more proactive. Google Analytics has been criticised in the past for being slow when it comes to updating, and webmasters still need to wait at least one day in order to get the full picture of how traffic performs on their sites.

The service will be part of the new version of Google Analytics and while it will be rolled out over the next few weeks, users can request early access from Google.

As expected apart from the number of active visitors on the website (spread as new or returning), the dashboard also shows the number pageviews, top referrals and top active pages, but surprisingly Google seems to have left out other statistics like time on site and sources (direct, referrals or search traffic).