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Google to Build Second Data Center in Dublin, Ireland; to Bring 230 New Jobs

Search giant Google is investing €75m (£65m) in a new 11 acre data center in Dublin, which is likely to create 230 jobs in the country.

Google also stated that the decision to open the new data center in Ireland has been driven by the country’s naturally cool climate. According to the company, this will enable it to cool equipments by using nothing else but outside air, thus relieving it from the costs involved in expensive air conditioning units.

The announcement from the company has come only a couple of weeks later it had opened a new €200m data center in Finland-- another location selected by the company because of its cool weather.

The center in Hamina saw the search giant deploying a new, innovative technology which involves a tunnel of water straight from the Baltic Sea- thus eventually saving a lot of electricity.

Google announced at a press conference held in Dublin on Friday that its data centers use only half the energy typically used by other standard facilities.

The company was already running a datacenter in Dublin with a workforce of 2,200 employees. This new facility, according to the company, is primarily aimed at helping it with the growing demand for storage, emerging from the rise of cloud computing.