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iPhone 5 Will Have Pioneering User Interface

The iPhone 5 will introduce "the most revolutionary user interface in history" according to the electronic edition of Forbes (opens in new tab), citing an acclaimed Apple commentator and investor.

The enthusiastic tone is based on details offered by Jason Schwarz, long time investor and investment advisor at Apple, who has thus far provided exemplary background information on Apple strategy, products, trends and performance.

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Schwartz, quoted by Bob Evans, comments on the rumoured voice assistant feature on the long-awaited iPhone 5, saying, "we're born with the ultimate communication tool - our voice - and iPhone is about to create the most revolutionary user interface in the history of technology. This voice assistant will quickly make its way into laptops and desktops as well."

If this daring prediction is going to come true, Apple could transform a previously rumored war with Google, into a revolution. The voice recognition function that is expected to be a major feature of the iPhone 5, might be exactly the competitive advantage that could divert users from browser search to voice search.

iPhone 5 owners will reportedly be able to give voice-activated commands to the integrated Assistant for tasks such as making appointments, making dinner reservations, finding directions or sending messages to contacts, all while safely driving their car.

With this feature and hopefully a few other surprises arriving with the iPhone 5, analysts expect Apple to double sales for the last quarter of 2011 compared to the same period last year.

"We live interesting times, and after the 4th of October, the smartphone market will get even more interesting", Evans stated.

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