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Kindle Fire Becomes Best Selling Electronics Item On Amazon

Amazon's most expensive tablet, the Kindle Fire, has already become its most sought-after product, according to the real time ranking table which tracks orders on the retailer's website.

The $199 price tag is only twice that of the cheapest Kindle on the market, but is a vast improvement on the latter. The tablet offers true colour touchscreen capabilities, a fast dual core processor, more memory, more onboard storage, and many other features that not only make it a real tablet, but also make it hard not to justify spending another $100 on top.

Amazon's Kindle Fire is already the best selling electronic device based on sales even if it will not come out until the 15th of November. The five new Amazon tablets are presently the top five best selling electronics devices on - with the cheaper "special offers and sponsored screensavers" one selling better than the other Kindles - behind the Fire which is the 'most wished for' device as well.

Amazon sidestepped the perilous task of getting a proprietary operating system by adopting and tweaking an existing one. Going for Android allowed it to slash time to market and development costs while opening the tablet to thousands of developers.