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LaCie Unveils LaPlug, Enables Easy USB HDD Sharing over Networks

Digital storage provider LaCie has dished out a new device, dubbed LaPlug, that lets users store and stream media or other data over a network.

LaPlug can be used to share any USB storage devices like thumb drives and external hard disks over a local network.

Apart from offering secure and easy sharing options, the device can also be used to stream multimedia and back up data from several systems in one location.

The device comes with four USB 2.0 ports. All that the users need to do is plug in the external drive into the LaPlug and they will be able to access the files from any computer on the network. Users can even connect a USB printer to the device and make it wirelessly available for all the networked computers.

LaPlug also comes with support for remote access, with users being able to create a unique URL, which can be used to share the files stored on the cloud. The device comes with a backup software that can be used on Windows based system and for Mac System, it can use the Apple’s backup software - TimeMachine.

“If a user has movies on a USB key they can just connect it to the LaPlug then play the movie using the multimedia device on the network. Instantly watch movies from the comfort of your living room even if the LaPlug is located in another part of the house,” the company said.