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New NFC Specifications Released, Enables Easy Contact, Data Transfer

New NFC (Near Fields Communication) specifications have been released, which will let users share data between their NFC enabled devices such as contact details without requiring them to use any specialised application for the purpose.

This latest technology is a part of the 16 new specifications published by the non-profit industry association The NFC Forum.

The new specification, dubbed Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol (SNEP), when implemented on NFC enabled devices, will definitely come as a relief for users who often find themselves plagued by compatibility problems while sharing data with other devices. The SNEP spec achieves its goal by establishing a p2p (peer to peer) connection between devices.

The SNEP specification was published only after it was approved by the NFC Forum members, the association stated.

"By extending NDEF to peer-to-peer communications, our SNEP specification adds to the usability of NFC technology and broadens its possibilities, enabling enterprises to offer new, creative, and appealing applications to businesses and consumers," Koichi Tagawa, chairman of the NFC Forum, said in a statement.

"Specification development is an important part of the NFC Forum's mission; the extensive suite of NFC Forum specifications is testimony to the hard work of our members, whose activity yields benefits for the entire NFC ecosystem,” he added.