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Samsung Proposes Deal in Patent Infringement Suit with Apple to Sell Galaxy 10.1 in Australia

Samsung has proposed a settlement with Apple to end their bitter legal battle in Australia over some patented touch screen technology owned by Apple.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on The Wall Street Journal, lawyers for Samsung have offered some kind of deal to Apple’s lawyers to put an end to the battle which is preventing Samsung from releasing the Galaxy 10.1 in the country.

One of Samsung’s lawyers, David Catterns, said if the deal comes through then Samsung could start selling the Galaxy 10.1 in Australia as soon as next week.

Even if the deal goes through, Apple is still battling Samsung in the US, Korea, Germany and France over similar or related patents, looking to ban the company from selling its Android based smartphones and tablets in key global markets.

Apple claims that Samsung violated its patented technology in Galaxy smartphones and tablet devices.

Apple failed to comment on the contents of the deal but one of its lawyers said that a deal was pretty much possible as it would benefit both firms.

“(Samsung's) inconvenience would be diminished and we would be comforted,” said Apple lawyer Stephen Burley.