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Sony Walkman Ranks #2 in Greatest Tech Inventions in 50 Years Poll; Apple's iPod Ranks #3

The Sony Walkman may be no more, but many people have fond memories of the portable cassette player. In fact, its popularity thrashed Apple’s iPod in a poll aimed at finding out people’s perspective about the greatest technology inventions in the last 50 years.

The Walkman took second in the poll, beating the massively popular iPod which managed to secure third place.

The portable music device relic lost the battle for first place against another Apple product - the legendary iPhone!

The Walkman was introduced by Sony about 32 years ago. It was the first of its kind that allowed people to listen to their favorite tunes outside their home or car.

"The fact that over a 30-year span, the original Sony Walkman is still seen as a greater invention than the iPod is testament to how ground-breaking Sony’s cassette player was,” says the editor of, which conducted the poll, Kieran Alger, as reported by the Telegraph.

“It was the first device to make music properly portable, to give us a soundtrack to every day. It changed the way we listened to music and saw the world,” he added.