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Unreleased Nokia Phone Handset Names Accidentally Released in Microsoft Contest Rules

Microsoft has leaked the names of upcoming Nokia Windows Phone handsets when it accidentally included them in the terms and conditions of a contest, according to new reports.

The company promptly removed the revealed information from the document, but the damage was already done.

The leaked names, according to several web reports are Nokia Sabre and Nokia Sea Ray. However, given that the Nokia Sea Ray is just a product codename, it is very possible that the other device - the Nokia Sabre won’t hit store shelves with that same moniker.

The competition, run by the Canadian wing of the Windows maker, invited developers within the country to come up with two Mango apps to win both the handsets.

“The Nokia Sea Ray was "accidentally" unveiled by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in a "covert" video early in the summer. It might look familiar – that's because its chassis is basically the Nokia N9's – but other details are pretty scarce,” stated in a reportby technology site TechRadar.