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App Design Key Component of Windows Phone Online Conference

During the Windows phone online conference, participants will learn how to create professional apps that provide value to users. Windows phone app creation is different from other types of mobile phone app creation. Participants need to recognise and adapt to a different set of guidelines when creating apps for Windows phones. Not tailoring apps for specific platforms can lead to substandard creations that users will avoid once they realise the app is not of quality.

Apps have exploded recently and will continue to be a powerful force in online and mobile communications. Designing a professional looking app that serves a purpose is the key to a successful relationship with customers and other users. This online conference, presented by UK Tech Days, will teach participants how to create memorable and useful apps. The conference, led by a local UK team trained in Microsoft technology, will provide essential information and an interactive discussion to answer all questions about Windows phone app creation.

This online conference is free to attend and open to the general public. Even though many participants may have experience in app creation, those with little or no experience or those unfamiliar with the differences in creating apps for Windows phones are encouraged to attend. Novice app creators will learn the basics of app creation, while seasoned app creators can fine-tune their skills for the Windows platform.

Prior to the conference, participants will be given a set of video links to review. These links provide background information in app creation that is essential to understanding and appreciating the app creation training session during the conference. Links will be made available to participants on the registration confirmation email sent after signing up for the conference.

After a thorough training session, participants will be asked to provide questions or comments during the interactive discussion. This part of the conference is essential as it provides a way for participants to interact directly with experts and other conference participants. By sharing in the learning process, participants will hopefully gain an even deeper understanding of app creation for Windows phones. Post questions or comments to keep the discussion active and interesting. By learning from a variety of people, those who attend this online conference will become more confident in creating quality applications.

Additional reading and visual learning materials will be provided to further participant education. It is recommended that participants continue to educate themselves after the conference as there is much to learn about app creation. While the conference promises to share many techniques and secrets to creating apps, further education is still necessary to provide an even more thorough understanding of this new and exciting way to communicate with app users.

Register for the conference to receive a list of video links and other content for review before the conference. Study these materials from home or the office at a time that is convenient to gain a better understanding of the concepts that will be taught during the conference. Create a list of questions to ask during the interactive portion to gain even more knowledge and insight about Windows phone app creation.