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Amazon Sells Estimated 95,000 Kindle Fire In 24 Hours

Amazon may have sold nearly 100,000 Kindle Fire tablets in the first 24 hours of sales according to an analyst firm, eDataSource, which tracks consumer purchases.

The company has generated that estimate based on email traffic, social media messages and other forms of electronic communications.

That figure is significantly lower than the iPad which sold 300,000 units over the same period of time, but is still significantly better than all of its competitors (Playbook, Touchpad, Galaxy Tab).

The tablet will be available on the 15th of November and is already topping Amazon's top selling list of electronics devices within hours of going on preorder.

The other ebook reader released on Wednesday is likely to have sold around 25,000 units over the same period, the company said.

Amazon hasn't announced if and when the the Kindle will be available in the UK, although we suspect that it will be sooner rather than later. Furthermore, our own estimations put the price of the Kindle Fire at around £159, which is less than half that of the iPad 2 and roughly equal to the price tag of the Hannspree Hannspad 10.1-inch Android tablet.

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