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Facebook Dragged to Court Over New Timeline Feature

Reports reveal that the Facebook has been sued by the '' for its newest feature - the time line profile. It is a trademark suit that claims that the move by Facebook could eventually eliminate the and create confusion that it is affiliated with Facebook.

The complaint has been filed in the US District court of Chicago, and it has been added that the users who are looking to access, will be misguided and misdirected by the Facebook feature by the same name and users will end up using the Facebook feature rather than accessing

The new feature by Facebook was launched last week at the f8 conference, and in coming weeks this brand new feature is expected to be used widely. Basically, this feature will turn the Facebook user profile into a scrapbook, which will have user's digital history. The, on the other hand, is altogether a different website that serves different purpose. In this website users can view and create multimedia timelines for various historical events based on dates.

The lawsuit filed by also stated that “Facebook took down's Facebook page to make way for their own page on their Timeline feature,” Tech2 reports.