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Google Chrome Gets Malware Treatment from Microsoft Security Tool

Windows maker Microsoft Corp. went on to patch its antivirus software on Friday that was incorrectly targeting Google’s Chrome Web browser, the company announced.

The antivirus program in question, the company’s own product - Microsoft Security Essentials, accidentally targeted the massively popular browser after an update containing faulty signatures was pushed, and it had already lasted for about three hours before it was finally taken care of. Almost 3000 users were affected due to the same, Microsoft admitted.

“An incorrect detection for PWS:Win32/Zbot was identified and as a result, Google Chrome was inadvertently blocked and in some cases removed from customers’ PCs” (personal computers), Microsoft said on Malware Protection Center.

The company also stated the problem occurred after it had issued an update to the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus package. The update, for some reason, went rogue and started seeing Chrome as a threat to the user’s system.

According to reports, Google Chrome was perceived by the security software as a part of the infamous Zeus malware family.

Microsoft, however, regretted for the inconvenience the affected users had to face, and reassured them that the problem had been since identified, and eventually taken care of with updated signatures.