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How Much Will The Kindle Fire Cost In The UK? £159

The price of the Kindle Fire has yet to be announced by Amazon, but it is very likely that it will be released sooner rather than later given that it is currently the best selling electronics device on, despite the fact that it will only be introduced on the 15th of November.

While we don't have any mole inside the company we do have the pricing for some of the tablets that are currently on sale in the UK and in the US.

These are the 6-inch Kindle, with and without keyboard as well as the Kindle with keyboard and 3G - which are sold for £89, £109 and £149 in the UK and $109, $139 and $189 in the US respectively; that's a conversion rate of $1.225, $1.275 and $1.268 which makes it likely that the price of the Kindle Fire will be rounded.

The most likely figure is therefore £159 based on our calculation which translates into a conversation rate of $1.252, which is extremely attractive.

Using the same formula, we can calculate that the price of the Touch 3G will be £149, £10 cheaper than the Kindle Fire, which begs the question: who would buy the Touch 3G when the Kindle Fire costs almost the same price? (ed: battery life, weight of product and 3G - 3 reasons).

Désiré Athow

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