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MobileMe Suffers from Outage; Mail, Find My iPhone, Apps Affected

Cupertino based tech heavyweight Apple Inc.'s MobileMe service suffered from an outage on Thursday, affecting many users' access to emails, Find My iPhone as well as apps.

Unfortunately for the company, the outage occurred only days before the expected launch of its massively anticipated iCloud service.

According to reports, the trouble started sometimes during noon EST, and as a result, the MobileMe support page began reporting delays with users’ incoming mails. And, to make things even worse, some users were totally unable to access their MobileMe Mail, while many others were prevented from using the company's Find My iPhone and MobileMe applications at

The problems continued until early Friday morning, after which, they were resolved, the MobileMe update page claimed.

“Some MobileMe members were unable to access MobileMe applications at Normal service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience,” read the MobileMe support page.

“Occasional downtime for MobileMe is not terribly unusual, but today's issues appear to be more widespread than usual and lasting a fairly significant period of time," read a blog by the company.