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Intel finds location-based outfit to buy

Intel doesn't like firms having Intel in their titles. Maybe that's why it has bought location-based service outfit,Telmap, for an undisclosed sum.

The chip maker said it wants to expand it mobile software services capabilities and the acquisition is part of that strategy. Never mind that the Tel in TelMap is more likely to have something to do with Tel Aviv.

Local media reckon Intel would have had to cough up something in the region of $300 million to buy Telmap, which specialises in end-to-end mobile local search, mapping and navigation services.

"Telmap delivers great multi-platform consumer experiences every day, and we’re looking forward to combining that focus and excellence with Intel’s to significantly grow their business," Intel spokesman Peter Biddle blogged. "Telmap isn’t just a great consumer service provider – with Telmap we can directly provide developers with location-based services spanning devices, operating systems and CPU architectures."

Intel announced the acquisition at its AppUp Elements 2011 shindig this week Biddle reckons "Telmap will allow Intel to provide AppUp developers with great, differentiated location capabilities in the form of a standard set of location-based APIs and software that developers can easily integrate into their AppUp apps.

"These new cross-platform location capabilities will allow developers to not just retain their users, but delight them via in-app and in-experience location features that they just can’t really do today," he burbled. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.