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Online Conference Teaches Windows Phone App Creation

For those interested in creating apps for Windows phones, UK Tech Days presents an online conference aimed at educating those with a desire to create unique apps for these devices.

Presented in a convenient online format, participants of the conference will learn the ins and outs of Windows phone app creation from leading experts. Part training session, part interactive discussion, this conference promises to provide a thorough overview of app creation for both novice and professional app creators.

It is recommended that before participants attend the conference they review video links and other content sent in the confirmation email after registering. Understanding some basic components of app creation enables participants to appreciate what is taught during the conference even more.

Topics covered during the Windows phone app creation conference include the basics of app creation, creating mobile apps, app functionality and how to create apps specifically for Windows phones. Examples of good and bad apps are used to demonstrate to participants the qualities needed to create a meaningful and interactive app for smartphone technology.

This conference is free to attend and open to anyone with an interest in creating professional apps for Windows phones. Students, developers, online marketers, business owners, advertisers or those who want to create apps just for fun are encouraged to register for the this online conference.

In addition to training, the conference also includes an interactive discussion to answer any lingering questions participants have about Windows phone app creation. Post questions or comments during the discussion to learn even more about ways to create apps that get noticed. These questions and comments will hopefully provide an even more meaningful experience for participants.

Additional resource such as video tutorials and research materials will be included in the conference to further each participant's education after the conference ends. These materials include information about design guidelines specifically for Windows phone apps, style, graphics and information about mobile apps. These materials may be reviewed at the participant's leisure, but will definitely provide a reference when creating apps for Windows smartphones.

Reviewing the materials sent in the registration confirmation material is recommended and encouraged as it will enhance the conference experience. Review these links at work or at home prior to the conference and write down questions or comments to ask during the interactive part of the online discussion. Learning from experts and fellow conference participants will lead to an enriching and informative experience about this growing trend, app creation.

As technology continues to improve and expand, knowing how to create quality visual content for users of devices such as Windows phones can improve product sales, enhance the quality of customer service and provide valuable information for users to enjoy, learn from and recommend to friends and family.

Register (opens in new tab) for the Windows phone app creation online conference to learn more about app creation and its many benefits. This conference promises to teach participants valuable information necessary to create better apps for Windows phone devices. The conference is free and participants are welcome to join from the comfort of home or office.