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Secrets to Windows Phone App Creation Revealed at UK Tech Days

The secrets to creating interactive and professional Windows phone apps are revealed in this interactive online conference presented by UK Tech Days. Learn several important app creation techniques for Windows phone to simplify the process and to better utilise the app tools provided by Microsoft. Participants will learn design techniques, Windows phone app creation guidelines, and review examples of good and bad apps.

A good app is one that provides a service or information about a specific idea or product. While there are many good apps available, some lack in creativity or importance. Since app users have become savvier over the past few years, app creators must continually improve their skills to maintain user interest. Creating apps for Windows phones is different than creating apps for other platforms. Understanding these differences will make app creation for Windows phones more fluid and enjoyable.

Prior to attending this conference, it is recommended that participants review video and content links sent with the registration confirmation email to acquaint themselves with basic app creation techniques. This will make the conference more meaningful and provide the background information necessary to understand advanced secrets to creating Windows apps. Listen or watch the videos from home or at the office during a time that is convenient.

Attending this conference is free and may be done anywhere participants have an Internet connection. While many participants will be professional app creators, others such as students, industry professionals or those with a budding or intense interest in app creation are welcome to participate in this online conference. Those leading the conference will use Microsoft training techniques to provide the best information in a way that is easy understandable for any level of expertise.

The interactive online discussion after the training session promises to answer most questions participants still have about creating apps for Windows phones. Post a question or comment or listen to others as they discuss specific details and reveal additional ways to create meaningful apps that will attract users time and time again. While is it encouraged that participants actively engage in the discussion by posting questions and comments, it is not necessary to gain the knowledge of app creation.

Preparing in advance for the online conference will enhance the overall quality of the conference. Additional reading materials and video links will be provided during the conference to help further participant's education. Continuing to read and acquire knowledge is essential for those who want to create apps for technology that continues to expand and change. It is important to recognise the differences in creating apps for Windows phones and other phone devices so end-users can feel confident using apps created specifically for the Windows platform.

Choosing the right graphics, colours and utilising app creation tools appropriately will only enhance the visual quality of the app and leave users satisfied that they have chosen a quality app.

Register for this online conference and review video links sent before the conference starts to better understand app creation for Windows phones.