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Alibaba May Move to Acquire Yahoo!; Concerns About User Privacy Continue to Surface

With the news that Chinese group Alibaba might acquire the troubled Yahoo!, some are predicting that the move might lead to privacy concerns for users and might lead to backlash in Washington.

Recently, Jack Ma founder of the Chinese Internet group Alibaba made a comment that he is interested in buying Yahoo! and that private equity firms and other groups are approaching him to make a deal. The founder and CEO of Alibaba made this comment at the "China 2.0" event at Stanford University.

Various individuals and organisations have shown their concern over the issue and gave strong reactions.

Head of the Center of Digital Democracy, Jeff Chester said, “Lawmakers should oppose a deal where the data of Americans come under the control of a foreign company with links to the Chinese government.”

Mentioning the allegations of spying on Google users, he further said that Yahoo! take over will “sanction the surveillance of millions of Americans."

Even though Alibaba has denied such allegations, Rebecca McKinnon, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation said this will be “highly controversial” given the fact that a year ago Congress reacted negatively to an attempt made by Chinese company Huawei to become a supplier to Sprint, a US company.