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BT Broadband down due to power outage

BT has confirmed that a power outage has led to a large chunk of its nationwide broadband networking going offline, announcing the issue via Twitter in the hopes that its customers still have access to the microblogging service.

In a post issued this afternoon, BT's customer services arm BT Care confirmed that there was a problem with BT Broadband connections. "We're aware that a number of you are unable to get online," the post reads. "We're sorry about this & will keep you updated."

The outage appears to be affecting a central BT exchange in Birmingham, which is used to route traffic from customers around the country.

Full details of the outage aren't yet available, but chatter on Twitter and other social networking services - which, thankfully, are still accessible in the event of a broadband outage with judicious use of a smartphone or similar device - suggest that it is affecting customers around the country.

Sadly, BT is currently not able to offer a time scale as to when the problem - which is thought to affect the company's residential and business ADSL broadband connections, but not its voice or ISDN services - will be resolved.

UPDATE 14:41

BT has advised that the outage, which was part of a wider power outage in Birmingham, has now been resolved, and that the 'majority' of customers should be back on-line. Those who are still having trouble are advised to try turning their routers off and back on again, which should resolve the issue. Sadly, web developer Andrew Poole reports that the problem persists. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.