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Cisco to Launch New Video Conferencing Technology; TelePresence HD

This Thursday Cisco is launching a unique feature for video conferencing which has been described as, “capture, transfer and share” video for collaboration, training, advertising and customer service for enterprises.

With its TelePresence HD video room system, Cisco will redefine video conferencing. This new technology has ‘video content’ capability that archives previous video sessions, replays on demand, and with ‘video analytics’ technology, recordings can be easily searched.

In a TelePresence demonstration from Houston, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Argentina and other places, Guido Jouret, CTO of enterprise video at Cisco, said that "We plan to leverage the capture technologies that we require for video content, use the same end points that companies already have, [and] simplify deployment and enhance the user experience."

Irrespective of whether the user is using the TelePresence sessions, WebEx meetings or an executive’s convention keynote, users can still share the previous video using Cisco’s existing Show and Share video portal.

Cisco also announced the Show and Share portal will be made available on iPhones and iPads as an application toward the end of October.