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Google Brings Print Style Advertising to the Internet

In its efforts to break the monotony of Internet advertising, Google is on a quest to bring the charm of the Sunday paper to Internet advertising.

The very popular online search engine is creating web based circulars that look like ad inserts included in newspapers in collaboration with various advertisers like Best Buy Co. and Macy’s Inc (M).

This interesting service will be made available starting tomorrow as reported by the Mountain View company.

An interview with Nick Fox, vice president of product management at Google, revealed quite a lot of information on Google’s new initiative.

Fox stated that, in general, retail is a big category for Google, commenting that “They’re trying to understand what the answer is in the digital age to the offline print circular. They’re trying to understand how to get their online visitors into their stores. And this is our answer to that.”

After clicking on the ad, Internet users can easily find these circular style adverts that show large size and multiple pictures. This format will also be available for banner advertising also.

Basic of factors like user location and query topics will craft the promotions automatically.